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Face Wash (30ml), Floral Water (30ml), Body Lotion (30ml), Face Cream (5ml)

Bring the FLOAX artisanal aroma body and skin care products for your trips, stay calming and soothing wherever you go.

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  • FLOAX Artisanal Aroma Face Wash
    * Antioxidation
    * Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
    * Balance sebum secretion
    * Fade and smooth existing scars

  • FLOAX Organic Damask Rose Floral Water
    * Anti-aging
    * Skin reborn
    * Soothes red spots and other allergic reactions
    * Reduces stress and anxiety

  • FLOAX Artisanal Aroma Body Lotion
    * Detoxing
    * Moisturizing
    * Anti-wrinkle
    * Soothes sensitive inflammation

  • FLOAX Artisanal Aroma Face Cream
    * Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
    * Restore skin elasticity
    * Fade and smooth wrinkle
    * Calm down emotional stress